Shoes of dreams

I decided to write this post in order to share with you a recent purchase I've made from Primark, these gorgeous white loafers. Having become somewhat obsessed with the infamous Gucci loafers, when I saw these at a fraction of the price, £8, I just had to pick them up. Being Primark, I'm obviously aware that the quality isn't going to be brilliant, but the material feels remarkably soft, and styled right, I reckon they will look pretty expensive. I've worn them out once already, with blue skinny jeans for the perfect relaxed spring time look, and I must admit that they did rub a bit on the back of my foot, which was disappointing. However I'm hoping that they will be more comfortable after a few wears (it was always likely that I would have a few problems returning to more summer suitable shoes after months of wearing thick winter boots as well anyway!) Being white, they're probably not the most practical of shoes but I'm hoping that they will be perfect for city escapades once my exams are over.

So, if like me you've been lusting after Gucci for a while, I'd highly recommend checking out Primark, where you may just be able to supplement a stunning summer wardrobe for half the price!


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