Isle of Wight

Apologies for the length of time since my last blog post- unfortunately the majority of my time over the last couple of months has been taken up with revision, exams and prom preparations. However that is all over now and I finally have the whole summer ahead of me to spend time with friends and family, blog, relax, and generally enjoy the sunny weather, before the dreaded results day in late August. Last week I was lucky enough to spend the first week of my holidays in the Isle of Wight with my parents, staying in the beautiful Bembridge. Growing up, our trips to the Isle of Wight were an integral part of my childhood, and I have so many happy memories of making sandcastles, visiting Blackgang Chine and taking the chairlift at the Needles. It was therefore a great experience to revisit this wonderful part of the UK as an eighteen year old, to see all of the sights that I remember so well.

One of the highlights of the trip had to be our visit to the delightful Rosemary’s Vineyard, which involved a tour of the equipment involved in producing wine, gin and vodka, and a taster session where we had a chance to sample some of the amazing wines and liqueurs on sale, including a divine raspberry flavoured one. It was also the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat, and we enjoyed a delicious lunch overlooking the vineyards in the sunshine.

Another of my favourite places visited on the trip was Shanklin, where we spent a couple of days. Surprisingly, Shanklin Chine, one of the island’s most famous attractions for tourists and locals alike, is one spot that we have never visited in all our years coming to the area, so it immediately went on our ‘must see’ list this time round. A coastal ravine surrounded by trees, flowers and waterfalls, entering this tranquil attraction felt like stepping into a mini rainforest. We purchased a return ticket, so got to revisit the Chine in the evening when the gorge and water features get lit up with brightly coloured lights, a truly magical experience. The thing that surprised me most about this geographical feature was the highly affordable entry price, which I felt was great value for money considering it was the perfect destination for a calming walk. Two food spots that I would recommend checking out in Shanklin were Vernon Cottage and a pub called The Crab, both of which offered a variety of meals which often used local produce.

Amongst the other destinations visited I would recommend are Ryde for its beautiful sea views and shopping centre, the idyllic Godshill for a delicious cream tea, Culver Downs for wonderful views, and Newport for its Garlic Farm (that’s if you’re as much of a garlic fan as I am!). For a fairly small island, the Isle of Wight is a place chock full of things to do, regardless of your age – if you want a holiday filled with sunshine, scones and plenty of ice creams, you know where to head!


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad exams are over! I just had my GCSE's, is that what you had too?
    Aleeha xXx

    1. No it was my A-Levels actually! Best of luck with your results, I'm sure they went amazingly! Rachel

  2. Replies
    1. It was! Definitely try and visit if you can! Rachel Xx


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