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A Guide to Portobello Road

London is well known for its plethora of wonderful markets and, having lived here my whole life, I've been able to visit many of them. Surprisingly, one place I have never been is Portobello Road, the world's largest antiques market, so my family recently decided to pop over to Notting Hill in order to explore one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city and see what we had been missing out on...
Arriving by tube at Notting Hill Gate, we were greeted by the sight of the iconic colourful houses that the area is known for.

Once on Portobello Road there are a range of stalls to check out that stretch on for what feels like a never-ending distance, as well as a whole host of quirky shops that line the street. Saturday is the busiest day to go because it's when the market is at its biggest, although we went on a Friday and still spent a good few hours browsing the goods on offer.
My favourite aspect of the market was by far the variety of goods on offer which is w…

An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I intend to keep this introduction brief, but this is the basic information you need to know...
My name is Rachel and I am an eighteen year old girl living in London. I've chosen to start this blog as a way of channelling my interests and opinions, as well as a way to develop my writing skills. I have enjoyed writing since I was a young child, and currently would like to pursue a career in journalism or some sort of communications based industry, so this is an exciting opportunity for me to do something I love. I intend to write about the various things that I am passionate about, from fashion and beauty to literature and topical issues, subjects which  I hope will interest you too.
Obviously you'll get to know more about me as I continue to post, but for now, that's the basics. I hope you enjoy reading my blog in the future!