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Who run the world? Girls

I have been thinking a lot about the changing role of fashion and beauty in a world where women are increasingly becoming more powerful, having been driven to consider this topic by the Daily Mail front page last month that presented a picture of Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May with the question, ‘Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it?’ If you haven’t by now seen the piece, it went on to analyse both women’s outfits, as well as how ‘flirty’ their body language was. However, most shockingly, at no point in the article was the reason for the ladies’ meeting or the content of their discussion mentioned, leading me to ask why, at such a turbulent time in British politics, is the media still focusing more on the looks and femininity of the two most important politicians in Britain?
In Western society, women are increasingly finding their voices and making an impact on the world stage. It’s been nearly 100 years since female suffrage was granted here in Britain, yet today we can proudly say we …

Shoes of dreams

I decided to write this post in order to share with you a recent purchase I've made from Primark, these gorgeous white loafers. Having become somewhat obsessed with the infamous Gucci loafers, when I saw these at a fraction of the price, £8, I just had to pick them up. Being Primark, I'm obviously aware that the quality isn't going to be brilliant, but the material feels remarkably soft, and styled right, I reckon they will look pretty expensive. I've worn them out once already, with blue skinny jeans for the perfect relaxed spring time look, and I must admit that they did rub a bit on the back of my foot, which was disappointing. However I'm hoping that they will be more comfortable after a few wears (it was always likely that I would have a few problems returning to more summer suitable shoes after months of wearing thick winter boots as well anyway!) Being white, they're probably not the most practical of shoes but I'm hoping that they will be perfect fo…

Hot town, summer in the city

It may be a bit premature to be quoting Lovin' Spoonful lyrics, but the glimpse of sun that London has witnessed recently has made even me, the most ardent winter enthusiast, excited for summer. I was inspired to write this post after spending the day in Camden with my friend recently, and unbelievably not having to lug round my thickest winter coat with me after months of wrapping myself up excessively in layers before I left the door.

Camden is a great place to spend a sunny day, whether you're a tourist or a born and bred Londoner. There's a whole host of clothes stalls, vintage shops, antiques stores and street food on offer, so much so that it is easy to just spend hours getting lost in the labyrinthine paths of the market.
I had such a lovely day out, and it has made me even more excited for exams to be over and summer to arrive so I can hopefully plan more day trips in my wonderful city. I'm also planning a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my friends …