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The Soundtrack Of My Life

Hello, it’s me again, finally back with another post! After hearing the news this week that my favourite music mag NME will be stopping its print editions, I was reminded of one of its best segments, the Soundtrack Of My Life interviews with various stars.As such, I was inspired to consider what tracks have been the soundtrack to my own life, with this being the result…
The first song I remember hearing:
Technically the first song I ever heard was Let’s Dance by David Bowie, as this was the track playing on the radio when I was first placed in my parents’ arms. Coincidentally I am now a big Bowie fan, although I’d be lying if I said I actually remember hearing this song as a newborn! In all honesty, the first artists I had a real affinity for as a young child were Kylie Minogue and S Club 7, although Rachel Stevens was always my favourite member because of our shared first name – I vividly remember learning all the lyrics to her solo track Some Girls, and probably still know them to thi…