Autumnal Beauty Favourites

It is the first day of November as I am writing this and I felt it was the perfect time to share some beauty products that I have enjoyed using in the recent weeks...

The first product that I have enjoyed using recently is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Cairo. Being a lip cream, the colour goes on smoothly but has a matte finish so it appears that you're wearing a lipstick rather than a creamy product. The shade Cairo is a gorgeous brown colour which is the perfect nude for autumn, and is neutral enough for everyday wear. I haven't tried any of the other colours in the range, although there is a huge selection if Cairo doesn't take your fancy which include
reds, pinks, oranges and even blues! The one slight issue that I have with the lip cream is that it can be quite drying and becomes quite patchy after a few hours of wear. This can be resolved by reapplying, although if you're looking for something very long lasting this may not be for you. Overall, I would definitely recommend heading to NYX if you are after the perfect lip shade for autumn.

As winter approaches my skin tends to get paler and duller, so it is around this time of year that a product like the Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush comes in handy. When you first see the product, the shade Santa Rose looks quite unremarkable, as it is quite an ordinary rosy coral colour. However, once applied to the apples of the cheeks, it creates a lovely, healthy glow which is very natural, unlike some overly bright blush shades. There is a slight shimmer to the blush but the texture of the powder is very soft, so it settles on the skin smoothly and the pay off is good. Again, this is a product that I would definitely recommend for those looking for a natural blush that is good value for money.

Usually I am a dedicated wearer of Daisy Eau So Fresh but that's quite a summery scent so I've recently been using this Estee Lauder rollerball, which I was given last year at a beauty event my mum and I had tickets for. Being a floral scent it isn't too different from the usual fragrances I go for, but the ebony notes give it a much more sensual, wintery edge. With other ingredients including jasmine, plum, patchouli and vanilla, I think the scent is really unique and I would definitely recommend it for anyone after a perfume that is feminine but not sickly sweet.


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